Relationship between comet assay parameters and the pond area according to soybean (gray squares), corn (white circles) and non-agricultural lands (black circles); 4) TL with pond area; 5)% DNA; 6) OTM with pond area. (TL) Tail Length, (% DNA) percentage of DNA in Tail, (OTM) Olive tail moment.

  Part of: Gonçalves MW, Gambale PG, Godoy FR, Alves AA, Rezende PH, Cruz AD, Maciel NM, Nomura F, Bastos RP, de Marco-Jr P, Silva DM (2017) The agricultural impact of pesticides on Physalaemus cuvieri tadpoles (Amphibia: Anura) ascertained by comet assay. Zoologia 34: 1-8.