Lineostethus auritus sp. nov.: (70–72) male pygophore, dorsal, ventral and posterior views respectively; (73–74) left paramere, dorsal and lateral views; (75) phallus, lateral view; (76) female genital plates; (77) female receptaculum seminis. Abbreviations: ap, ventral apical projection of phallotheca; av, apical margin of vesica; b, bristles; bi, basal impression of foliaceous expansions; cs, capsula seminalis; ddr, distal ductus receptaculi; dr, dorsal rim; ds, ductus seminis distalis; fdr, foliaceous expansions of dorsal rim; gcVIII, gonocoxites VIII; gcIX, gonocoxites IX; gpVIII, gonapophyses VIII; gpIX, gonapophyses IX; id, internal duct of vesicular area; la8, laterotergites VIII; la9, laterotergites IX; md, median duct of vesicular area; od, outer duct of vesicular area; pa, posterolateral angle; par, paramere; ph, phallotheca; pi, pars intermedialis; psl, projection of superior layer of ventral rim; rs, ring sclerites; s, spiracle; tgIX, thickening of gonapophyses IX; v, vesica; vi, thickening of vaginal intima; vr, ventral rim; VII, urosternite VII; X, segment X. Scale bars: 70–74, 76 = 1 mm; 75, 77 = 0.5 mm.

  Part of: de Almeida Garbelotto T, Leite Kochenborger AP, Campos LA (2018) Revision of Lineostethus (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Discocephalini). Zoologia 35: 1-24.