Photograph illustrating the cardiac, fundic and pyloric regions in (13), (14), and (15) respectively stained with Hematoxylin and eosin stain and (16) stained with the combined stain of Periodic acid-Schiff + Alcian blue pH 2.5. (TM) Tunica mucosa, (GP) gastric pits, (CG) cardiac gland, (FG) fundic gland, (LP) lamina propria, (MC) mucus-secreting cells.

  Part of: Kalhoro H, Tong S, Wang L, Hua Y, Volatiana JA, Shao Q (2018) Morphological study of the gastrointestinal tract of Larimichthys crocea (Acanthopterygii: Perciformes). Zoologia 35: 1-9.